Lenoxx ES60 Electric Smart E-Scooter

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Enjoy an adventurous, smart e-scooter ride with our 36V 10.5Ah Folding Electric Scooter. This rechargeable scooter is foldable and portable for easy transport, making riding options limitless.
This powerful electric scooter boasts a 350W power motor and can take adults at a default speed of 25km/h up to a maximum speed of 30km/h. The rechargeable 36V 10.5Ah battery is conveniently fast charging so there is less waiting and more action-packed adventuring on the schedule. Within 5 hours, the electric scooter will be fully charged and can take the rider at a maximum distance up to 35 kilometres. Explore a climbing range up to 20° with all the power packed into this smart e-scooter.
The colourful LCD dashboard shows the speed, mileage, scooter specifications and can also be toggled between metric and imperial measurement systems. Download the smartphone app and pair it to the smart e-scooter for a range of benefits for a smooth, safe and comfortable ride. Some of the app features include a relaxing cruise control setting, zero + non-zero start setting, automatic shutdown, locking the scooter and 3-speed safety maximum speed limit setting, all within the app. Non-zero start is a safety assistance where the rider can kick push to get the smart e-scooter started then using the right thumb accelerator to continue cruising; it will not take off if the right thumb accelerator is accidentally pressed. Zero start simply removes this safety assistance, for the more experienced scooter riders out there.
The smart LED headlights will auto-detect the ambient light setting and will turn on when it is cloudy and turn off when it is sunny. The LED headlights can also be manually set to off. Caught in unexpected rain while cruising on a cloudy day? No worries, our smart e-scooter has an IP65 waterproof rating.
Perfect for young adults ages 16 and up, this smart e-scooter can carry a maximum single rider capacity of 120kg. Enjoy the durable aluminium alloy frame, anti-skid solid tyre, tyre shock absorption and dual brake system including electronic and disc brake. Complete with a throttle system, kickstand, and a modern ringing bell trigger, this smart e-scooter is ready to cruise through the neighbourhood terrains – just be sure to first equip yourself with an approved safety helmet and protective gear.


36V 10.5Ah Folding Electric Scooter, smartphone app, 350W motor power, aluminium alloy frame, LCD colour dashboard, LED headlights, anti-skid solid tyre, tyre shock absorption, dual brake system including electronic and disc brake, climbing range up to 20°, cruise control setting, IP65 waterproof rating, zero + non-zero start, automatic shutdown, lock scooter with app, 3-speed safety maximum speed limit setting, foldable and portable for easy transport, throttle system, kickstand, ringing bell trigger • Battery: 36V 10.5Ah • Charge Time: 5 hours • Maximum Ride Distance: 30-35 kilometres • 3-speed Safety Maximum Speed Limit Levels: 15, 20, 25km/h • Default Speed: 25km/h • Maximum Speed: 30km/h • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120kg • Ages: 16+ • Colour: Grey with red trim • Measurements Unfolded: 107 x 43 x 112cm • Measurements Folded: 107 x 43 x 46cm • Weight: 12.5kgs

(always abide by your local road laws)

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