Sprout Nomad III Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker




  • Whether you're setting out on a big adventure or just chilling at home, the Sprout Nomad III Bluetooth speaker is your perfect companion! Nomad III packages the latest technology in a rugged yet stylish design to deliver a water and dust proof Bluetooth speaker that can be used in any environment
  • With features such as an inbuilt powerbank and Multi-link speaker capabilities [link up to 2 Nomad III speakers for an immersive sound experience], you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! Input Options Multiple, including Bluetooth, Aux-in, Microphone, SD Card Waterproof IP67 waterproof to 1m Bluetooth V4.0 Play Time Up to 12 hours playback Sound 20W Battery Internal 3000mAH powerbank - charge your devices from the speaker

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